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Attendees bid on art items at a T'chiyah fundraiser




Thoughtfully cultivating the resources needed to sustain our community according to our values

There's no way around it: it costs money to run a congregation. We have to rent space, pay our staff fair wages, feed our members, and more. Our community is sustained primarily by the terumah contributions of our membership but few communities get by on member contributions alone. As a result, we have formed a Shefa Committee to explore thoughtful avenues for fundraising that serve to resource our community, while keeping us class-conscious and sensitive to matters of economic accessibility. 


Past projects from our Shefa Committee include the T'chiyah M'CHAIYAH fundraiser gala, the successful solicitation of grants from the likes of the D. Dan & Betty Kahn Foundation and the Berman Jewish Family Education Project, and launch of the Friends of T'chiyah Giving Circle.

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