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A large group of people stand in prayer shawls and white clothing, with arms wrapped around each others shoulders, during the Blessing of Peace during High Holiday services.

Our Judaism is expansive and constantly evolving - a living tradition that both shapes us and is shaped by us.  Through shared ritual, study, and spiritual practice, we pursue personal growth, collective resilience, and a more just world.


We are affiliated with Reconstructing Judaism and Synagogues Rising.
We hope you'll come see us in-person or online!

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We are a progressive, participatory, and
whole-heartedly inclusive Jewish community in Metro Detroit.

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"Reconstructing Judaism: Deeply rooted. Boldly relevant."
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Black Lives Matter
Trans Jews Belong Here, surrounding a star of David and open doors.
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Come see us some time...

Weekly Shabbat services and Torah study are open to all,  whether you're an established member, shopping around for a synagogue that feels right, or just curious to explore Judaism. 

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T'chiyah has been our spiritual home for the last 20 years.

We consider T'chiyah members our family and plan on being T'chiyah members and supporters for the rest of our lives... We have loved watching T'chiyah grow and thrive and we are particularly delighted with "dor l'dor", turning over leadership to the next generation. 

- Syma E. 
Member since 2002

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