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We hope you'll join us for weekly Friday night candle-lighting, Shabbat services, and special events. Scroll down for more info about services and our service calendar.

Members of the congregation
and folks who are signed up on our T'chiyah Times email list receive access info to the services each week. 
Unless otherwise specified, all of our programming is open to the public - you don't have to be a T'chiyah member to attend!

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Services are held in a mixture of Hebrew and English. On-screen transliteration and interpretive translation is provided for most prayers. Auto-generated captioning is available for all services, with CART captioning provided for some special events. 

  • We open our Zoom weekly on Friday nights at 6:15 PM ET for Likrat Shabbat - a short and sweet community-led candle-lighting to welcome in Shabbat.
  • The First Shabbat of the month is our L'Dor VaDor Intergenerational Service, which is playful, prayful and accessible, designed as an engaging experience for kiddos while still being a meaningful service for grown-ups. All are welcome! - 10-11:30 AM
  • The Second Shabbat of the month is our Friday Night Musical Kabbalat Shabbat - 6:15 - 7:30 PM
  • The Third Shabbat of the month is our Saturday Morning Service with "Brunch & Learn" to follow, featuring teachers from within our congregation and beyond who lead text study and discussion on Jewish traditional text, social justice learning, creative cultural works and more. 10 - 12 PM
  • The Fourth Shabbat of the month is observed by our Havdalah Meditation & Song Circle on Saturday evenings around sundown, a time for singing, reflection and basking in the sweetness of the final moments of Shabbat. 


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