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We are a progressive, participatory, and wholeheartedly inclusive Jewish community in Metro Detroit. Our Judaism is expansive and constantly evolving - a living tradition that both shapes us and is shaped by us.  Through shared ritual, study, and spiritual practice, we pursue personal growth, collective resilience, and a more just world.

We are affiliated with Reconstructing Judaism (the Reconstructionist movement) and the Synagogues Rising network. 

Since our 1977 origination as a lay-led chavurah (circle of friends) in the city of Detroit, T'chiyah has been guided by commitments to progressive values, egalitarianism, and thoughtful engagement with Jewish tradition. Our congregation is home to spiritual seekers and skeptics alike, who engage with Jewishness in diverse ways. T'chiyahniks study Torah, meditate, engage in cultural celebration, pursue justice, cook soup, and all or none of the above. We delight in being a hub for intergenerational connections, and conduct Jewish education and social programming for all ages. 

From our inception, we have been a spiritual home for for Jews and Jewish-adjacent people of all stripes, and proudly welcome patrilineal Jews, interfaith families, Jews by Choice and more. We have been blessed by the presence of LGBTQI+ members for much of our history, and have sought to celebrate this through special observances for Pride Month, Coming Out Day, AIDS Awareness, and more. Currently, about one-third of our congregation identifies as LGBTQI+.

Our commitments to racial and economic justice in our region led to our formation of Detroit Jews for Justice, the organization for which Rabbi Alana Alpert served as founding Executive Director from 2014-2022. Since DJJ's individuation as a separate organization in 2023, we are in a continual exploration of the question, "What does it mean to be a social justice synagogue?" and enact our commitments to justice through intra-congregation antiracism work, community service, education, advocacy, and organizing on issues related to justice in our region, country, and within the land of Israel/Palestine. 


Black Lives Matter
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"Trans Jews Belong Here," surrounding a blue and pink Star of David sitting between open doors.
Reconstructing Judaism: Deeply rooted. Boldly relevant.
A drawing of a teal osprey flies out of her nest, which features an egg. To her right, the words "Synagogues Rising" are written in brown.

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T'chiyah is truly the only prayer service my family has found that resonates with us spiritually, philosophically and politically. Also, the community is so unfussy!

- Zak R.  (he/him)

Parent, podcast producer, member since 2016

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