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Hashivenu: Jewish Recovery

Join us for Hashivenu, a weekly fellowship meeting open to all members of 12-step groups or other programs for sobriety/recovery. . .

We gather weekly and use Jewish philosophy, spiritual tradition and the Hebrew calendar to guide our weekly discussions in an effort to enhance our personal programs of recovery. This is not be an official 12-step meeting, but will rely on a common understanding of the steps. Individuals who are newly exploring recovery/sobriety are welcome!


Meetings take place every Monday night from 8:00 - 9:00 PM ET on Zoom. Please reach out to Emily Silver with any questions or concerns regarding your participation: emilyvsilver [at]

Note: This anonymous, lay-led group is for people in active recovery only. 

A groovy graphic of pink, yellow and teal bands of color, with decorative stylized flowers, with the words "Hashivenu: Jewish Recovery. Open to all who wish to be free from addiction. Mondays at 8 PM on Zoom. "

Log-on at:
Password: 12step

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