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Torah Study with T'chiyah

The traditional blessing for Torah study references the mitzvah (commandment) of la'asok b'divrei Torah, "to busy ourselves with words of Torah." As Reconstructionists, we strive to develop an informed, holistic understanding of our textual tradition, which we see as the product of our ancestors' attempts to live a life of meaning and intentionality.

A Reconstructionist motto is that tradition gets "a vote, but not a veto" in how we live our lives today. As such, joining together for learning is a communal priority. Together, we wrestle with the texts of our tradition and explore their impact on our current lives.

Lunchtime Learning Weekly Torah Study
Wednesdays 12-1 PM ET [Zoom]

Reading a chunk of Torah each week, known as parashat ha-shavua ("weekly portion"), is one of our most ancient religious practices. Drop-in for some informal lunchtime Torah study led by various teachers in our community. All are welcome! No previous experience in Torah study is necessary. REGISTER HERE to receive a Zoom link and password, which will be good for each week's session.

Hashivenu - Jewish Recovery Meeting
Mondays 8-9 PM ET [Zoom]

Our weekly fellowship meeting - open to all who wish to be free from addiction - includes study of the weekly Torah portion. We use Jewish philosophy, spiritual tradition and the Hebrew calendar to guide our weekly discussions in an effort to enhance our personal programs of recovery. This is not an official 12-step meeting, but we do rely on a common understanding of the steps. Individuals who are newly exploring recovery/sobriety are welcome! Meetings take place every Monday night from 8:00-9:00pm on Zoom. Log-on at: www.tchiyah.org/recoveryzoom Password: 12step

Beyond the 5 Books: NaKh Book Club
At-home reading, bi-monthly discussion [Zoom]

The Torah is just the "Ta" part of "TaNaKh," the acronym that we use to refer to the whole Hebrew Bible. There's a whole lot more in there after - spoiler alert - Moses dies. Join us for this book club-style study of the books of NaKh -- Neviim, "Prophets" and Ketuvim, "Writings," beginning with the Book of Joshua. We will be reading one book of the Prophets every two months, completing the Neviim Rishonim (First Prophets), a.k.a the "Deuteronomistic history," by the end of 5783. 

Read at your own pace at home, then come together for a presentation and discussion via Zoom. 

JOSHUA October through November
JUDGES December through January
I SAMUEL February through March
II SAMUEL April through May
I KINGS June through July
II KINGS August through September


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