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Terumah: Gifts from the Heart

Use this page to contribute to your intended terumah membership pledge and to give additional "gifts from the heart." To set-up a monthly terumah donation, click here. 

By abolishing mandatory dues, we are striving to make membership in T'chiyah accessible for all. We ask members to pledge as much as they are able, knowing that our community consists of people across the economic spectrum.

Our Board recommends that we collect $130,000 in membership contributions to be in a good financial standing for the June 2022 - May 23 fiscal year and to support future growth.

With about 150 adult members, the Board recommends a contribution of $1000/yr for an individual membership. For an adult couple/household, that would mean $2000 for the year.

We understand that giving may be more difficult during this turbulent time, and that these rates are not feasible for all. The numbers are here to help assist you in making a contribution that is reasonable for your budget and impactful to our community. We ask members with the means to do so to please contribute more. Your generous contributions help to foster equitable access to our unique, progressive, LGBTIQ-loving, justice-pursuing intergenerational community.

If you would like to speak about your pledge amount to the Rabbi or Board President/Treasurer, please contact staff and we will connect you with the relevant personnel.

Use the form below to make a contribution.

If you would prefer to set-up a monthly, recurring donation to contribute to your membership pledge, click here instead. 

If you are able, we ask that you contribute a few extra shekels to cover the cost of PayPal processing. For payments above $1000, you may prefer to contribute a mail-in check.

For us to receive...

Please donate:

$36 $37
$54 $56
$72 $75
$108 $112
$360 $372
$1008 $1038
$3600 $3708


Who's donating

Dan Klein
Bobbi Spiegler
Sandra Gross
Valeriya Epshteyn
Barry Lyons
Patti Aaron
Kira Appelman
Jen & Noam Kimchiano
Contributions are tax deductible.

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