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Welcoming Children & Families

Are children welcome in the main service? Shall I encourage parents to visit the childcare room? 


As a community that prides itself on intergenerationality, we seek to empower families to participate in services in the ways that they so choose. Kids are welcome in the main sanctuary or in our supervised childcare for the duration of the High Holidays, and families are encouraged to bounce back-and-forth between the spaces as needed. We ask that children remain under parental supervision when going to and from the childcare room. If you are bringing children, please bring a snack and whatever else they might need to have a good time in the service or at childcare - we want to make the space as comfortable as possible for all! 

We ask that attendees be respectful to our families by refraining from shushing or shaming children if they are cry out or make noise. Prayer comes in many forms! 


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