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Ordination Statement

Rabbi Alana Alpert was ordained as a rabbi in 2014 by the non-denominational Rabbinical School of Hebrew College, in Newton, Massachusetts. She spoke these words while receiving smicha:

Is this not the fast that I have chosen?
To open the fetters of wickedness, to undo the bands of the shackle,
and to send free the oppressed, and every chain — break!
Isaiah 58:6

“Our theology of solidarity: where will it take us? What other world is possible when we reach deep into the roots of our tradition and raise up stories, songs and questions to fortify us for the struggle? How can this covenant of awakeness stretch our hearts and imaginations? Will we leave the narrow places of alienation, fear, militarism, nationalism, exploitation, and choose life, liberation, and interdependence? I pray to the Source of Life to be broken-hearted and whole, to feel rage as well as compassion. I pray, as Heschel says, to be shocked—but not to be in shock. I give thanks to Hashem for the chance to live out this dialectic of rupture and healing.”

Rabbi Alana engaged in civil disobedience with the Michigan Poor People's Campagin, June 2018.

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