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Recommendations for Safer Minyanim

We understand that folks may wish to tune-in to our High Holiday services in small groups or minyanim (minyan = a gathering of 10, a quorum for Jewish prayer), to share in-person singing and celebration. 

The high transmissibility of the Delta variant, proliferation of breakthrough infections (where vaccinated individuals contract COVID-19), and lack of vaccination for children under 12 should prompt extra caution and consideration regarding in-person gatherings, especially those involving people outside your usual circle of interaction. That said, we understand that social, emotional and spiritual needs may be heightened during this holiday time, and ought to be taken into account as well.  

For those who DO wish to gather in-person, our Safer Reopening Committee makes the following recommendations:

  • Anyone who can be vaccinated must be vaccinated.
  • Anyone who’s sick or has had a recent known exposure to COVID-19 (even if vaccinated), must stay home.

  • Minyanim should utilize at least two of the measures listed below to maximize prevention. In minyanim where there are no unvaccinated people - including children - just one of these should be sufficient -- though the more preventative measures, the better. (These measures are listed below in order of desirability / efficacy , in descending order.)

    • Gather outdoors.

    • Wear masks.

    • Get tested. It is ideal to engage in 5 days of quarantining prior to getting a PCR test. At-home tests are available over-the-counter at pharmacies and are considered reliable when properly used

      We recommend using this site to schedule a PCR test in the city of Detroit, or to visit a Beaumont Urgent Care site, who provide PCR tests that will give results that night (if you get tested by noon) or the next day. (Note: Testing through some Beaumont sites is offered on a walk-in, "first come, first served" basis.) 

    • If indoors, maximize air circulation by opening windows, allowing for cross-breeze, putting a fan in the window, etc. There’s no “one size fits all” solution for this -- the idea is to keep the air moving and fresh.

  • You may also consider these measures, per your group’s preferences: the use of a HEPA air filter, social distancing, quarantining for a designated period prior to gathering, and not serving food. 

These should be seen as a baseline; groups are encouraged to determine for themselves what kinds of extra measures might be supportive. If you have any questions and require any support to help your minyan feel as safe as possible, contact Jake at [email protected] 


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