T'chiyah Members: Be sure to renew your membership for the June 2022 - May 2023 year!


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T'chiyah Membership

We are so excited that you are officially becoming a member of the T'chiyah Mishpacha/Family!
We will do our best to be with you in times of simcha/joy and times of grief and struggle.
Members contribute to our community in so many ways: bringing food, setting and cleaning up, reading Torah, planning events, offering funds, leading services, recruiting friends, and more. We look forward to all the ways you will bring yourself to T'chiyah.

Supporting our spiritual community

Beginning in July 2016, Congregation T’chiyah made a bold leap of faith, dispensing with any notion of “dues” and replacing it with the Biblical notion of t’rumah (Exodus 25:2) – every member or family helps sustain our spiritual community freely, based on their own financial situation and motivation. Let us stop and ask ourselves: What does this community mean to me? What does it mean that I am part of something larger than myself? Part of a community where we call on each other when we are ill or grieving, share the joy of each other’s simchas, have a place to pray every week, and a group with which to work to repair the world if we are so inclined? What shall I give, that this community may continue to flourish for all of us?

We share the budget for the coming year with the entire community at our annual meeting in late June, in the name of transparency and a full sharing of information, and we announce what it will cost to run the community per adult member. Then, we ask our families to pledge as much as they are able and moved to give based on how many adult members they have. We ask everyone to pledge in July so we will know where we stand at the beginning of the year, and can plan to raise additional funds or trim spending if necessary. Some people will give more, even substantially more, than an even share – because they are blessed with the means to do so, they understand that others must give less, they want to facilitate the participation of young people in the first years of their adult journey – and this community is important to them. Others will give less than an even share, often because they simply do not have the means to do more. We ask everyone to pledge. But we never ask anyone to justify the amount of his or her pledge. And as we already stated, giving has no impact on membership status.

If you would like to contribute by check (preferred!) please mail to:
Congregation T’chiyah
15000 W. 10 Mile Rd.
Oak Park, MI 48237

If you prefer to pay by online click here (please consider covering the 3% transaction cost)