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April 7: Concert & Brunch with Klezmer Masters

Congregation T'chiyah and the Workmen's Circle-Arbeter Ring of Michigan invite you to... 

Wake Up & Sing with HOT PSTROMI!

Join us at the International Institute of Metro Detroit at 11 AM on Sunday, April 7 for a brunch concert with the world-renowned HOT PSTROMI, featuring Yale Strom on violin, Elizabeth Schwartz on vocals and Tallulah Strom on guitar. HOT PSTROMI will treat us to a delectable selection of traditional Yiddish songs, klezmer tunes, Hasidic melodies and more -- including material that the band collected while conducting ethnographic fieldwork with Jewish and Roma communities of Eastern Europe!

Proceeds of the event will benefit T'chiyah & the Workmen's Circle, allowing both of our heimish (homey) communities to continue to support meaningful, ruachdike Yiddishkayt (spirited Jewishness/Jewish culture!) in Metro Detroit. 

As space is limited, we ask that you RSVP by purchasing your ticket HERE by March 31! 

Pay-what-you-can according to our sliding scale model. Feel free to pay in-between the stated rates. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds -- please contact Jake Ehrlich at [email protected] with any questions!

  • $72.00 Tzedakah Rate
    Give what you can to help to sustain our shared mission of building accessible, meaningful, progressive Jewish community!

  • $54.00 Supporter Rate
    Spare that extra half-shekel to help subsidize someone else's ticket!

  • $36.00 Standard Rate
    This is the real cost of entry per person, taking into account compensating our talent, staff, volunteers, and other expenses. 

  • $18.00 Subsidized Rate
    Available thanks to the generosity of people willing to pay extra!

To purchase multiple "tickets," please enter the total amount of your donation (for example, two tickets at the $36 rate = a donation of $72) and email Jake Ehrlich at [email protected] the name(s) of your plus-one(s).

[Please note that the actual cost of the event is $36 per person. Dollars donated above the $36 mark are a tax-deductible donation to Congregation T'chiyah. Earnings above our expenses will be distributed between Congregation T'chiyah and Workmen's Circle-Arbeter Ring of Michigan. Congregation T'chiyah and Workmen's Circle-Arberter Ring are 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.]  

We're all looking forward to seeing you soon! Note that there is on-site parking available and that metered street parking is free on Sundays. The International Institute is a wheelchair-accessible building, and we will be gathering on the first floor. We hope to record and livestream this event, barring technical difficulties. Please email Jake Ehrlich at [email protected] for any questions!

This event is made possible in part by a grant from the D. Dan and Betty Kahn Foundation. 

Who's donating

Burt Bach
Ollie Elkus
Jack Zaientz
Lora Frankel
Judy Goldis
Bobbi Spiegler
Dana Kornberg
Lori Lutz
Mary Ellen Gurewitz
Florine Mark
Shoshanna Wechter
Aj Aaron
Peter Lynch
Concetta Pellerito
Irene Ryke
Syma Echeandia
Julia Goode
Wendy Robins
Jesse Adler
Sandra Gross
Sandra Gross
Rachel Zaback
Valeriya Epshteyn
Roz Schindler
Jane Frahm
Stephanie Hollander
Jake Ehrlich
Contributions are tax deductible.

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