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As a member of T’chiyah

...we ask that you:

(1) share in the building of our community

(2) show up for each other

(3) join us in working toward the tikkun – repair – of our region

(4) help us build and sustain T’chiyah with a financial contribution

(5) feed each other.

Our model

...is based not on membership dues, but on contributions in these areas that are meaningful to you and weave our community fabric. T'chiyah is fueled by the passion, generosity, love, talent, and creative investment of each of our community members. We are humbled to be growing thanks to our intimate relationships, intellectual curiosity, commitment to the pursuit of justice, and the sense that we are a community that is truly made up of its members. For our Board President Andy Levin's remarks on what belonging entails in our community, click here

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YESOD: Building Community

Community engagement lies at the heart of T’chiyah. Members are asked to participate in one of our work groups. With so many options, there is sure to be one that works with your schedule and interests -- email our Jake, our Community Engagement Associate, if you’d like help determining the right one:

  • Kehillah (welcoming & community-building)

  • Hesed (community care & lifecycle support for members)

  • Tzedek (intra-congregational justice work, or Detroit Jews for Justice)

  • Chochmah (organize learning opportunities)
  • Ruach (energize ritual experiences with music, art & ambience)
  • Shefa (cultivate resources for financial sustainability)

  • High Holidays Team (logistics, service-planning, atmosphere/ambience curation)

  • Religious Services (elected: coordinate volunteers, manage calendar, plan holidays)

HESED: Showing Up For Each Other

One of the most critical functions of community is being there for each other for sorrow and for simcha/joy. In particular, we ask that members do their best to come to shiva minyan. There are several life cycle events when members rely on each other for support - we hope most members will answer the call to bring meals to our members who are healing, welcoming new family members, and other transitions. Contributions to the Hesed Fund are encouraged.

TZEDEK: Acting for Justice

There are lots of synagogues around, but you chose us. One of the things that makes us unique is our commitment to social justice - not just in word, but in deed. Members are asked to take action through our social justice initiative, Detroit Jews for Justice (sign a petition, attend a rally, etc.), at least once a year.

T’RUMAH: Pledge of Financial Support

In July 2016, T’chiyah made a bold leap of faith, dispensing with  “dues” and replacing it with the Biblical understanding of t’rumah (Exodus 25:2) – we sustain our spiritual community freely, based on our own financial situation and motivation. We share the budget for the coming year with the entire community at our annual meeting in June, in the name of transparency and a full sharing of information, and we announce what it will cost to run the community per adult member. We ask our members to pledge as much as they are able and moved to. We ask everyone to pledge in July so we will know where we stand at the beginning of the year, and can plan to raise additional funds or trim spending if necessary. Some will give more, even substantially more, than an even share – because they are blessed with the means to do so, understand that others must give less, and want to facilitate the participation of young people, and because this community is important to them. We ask everyone to pledge, but we never ask anyone to justify the amount of their pledge -- giving has no impact on membership status. If you would like to fulfill your tax-deductible pledge now, follow this link -- todah rabbah/thank you!!

KIDDUSH: Feeding Each Other

We all know that there is no community without food! Members are invited to provide kiddush (challah & wine) or brunch (bagels, salad, fruit) at least once a year. If you would like to do so in honor of something or in memory of someone, we will try to accommodate your date request.

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