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Dear friends,

It is time to reflect on how much Congregation T’chiyah has meant to us in this last year and a half when so many of us have suffered fear and isolation—and how much it has brightened and enriched our lives.  Our membership has grown significantly, even during the pandemic.  When we are together again in person, we will not only be renewing old bonds but also creating new ones. We have new needs also, which require a larger revenue to sustain what we have built together: the new shul, the blessings of a full-time Rabbi, exciting new programming, and numerous educational offerings. 

At this time, I ask you to give some of your treasure and make a gift today to T’chiyah.

Make your gift in support of your fellow congregants, and our amazing staff, who have dedicated all their talent to make us the community we are. What better gift can you give yourself than one which will help your beloved synagogue continue to thrive?

With gratitude,

Mary Ellen Gurewitz
President, Congregation T'chiyah

Note: We prefer that large donations are made by check to avoid the PayPal processing fees. If you would like to contribute by check, please mail to:

Congregation T'chiyah
22331 Woodward Ave
Ferndale, MI 48220

If you are able, we ask that you contribute a few extra shekels to cover the cost of PayPal processing. 

For us to receive...

Please donate:

$18  $19
$36 $37
$54 $56
$72 $75
$108 $112
$360 $372
$1008 $1038

Who's donating

Lee Brackney
Sheila and Sheldon Kohn
Jeff Stombaugh
Wendy Robins
Gregg Alpert
Lynn and Milton Klein
Judith Kerman
Lori Lutz
Diane Willens
Allison Zeff
Wendy Robins
Victoria Kohl
Contributions are tax deductible.

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