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Current COVID Protocols (Summer 2022)

As we continue to navigate the ever-changing pandemic situation, safety and accessibility are our top priorities. We encourage folks who have been exposed to COVID recently and/or are feeling unwell to stay home and tune-in to services online at http:/www.tchiyah.org/zoom. Please check your T'chiyah Times or contact us for the password, which remains consistent week-to-week.

Note: We are experimenting with the format of our livestreamed services. Please be patient with us as we work to improve our A/V set-up and strive to create a meaningful experience for both our "roomers" and "Zoomers."

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COVID-19 Safety Protocols, as of June 2022

  1. All attendees must be up-to-date on a complete course of COVID vaccinations, as their eligibility permits. (i.e. medical exemptions are permitted.) **We do not require proof of vaccination.**

  2. Masking is required for indoor events. Speakers/leaders may unmask to improve audibility; we have a microphone and amplification set-up to improve audibility as well. 

  3. A medical grade HEPA air filter will be in use for indoor events. When possible, windows will be opened to increase air circulation.

  4. Social distancing is encouraged, but cannot be guaranteed.

  5. Services/programs are open to members and non-members. RSVPs are encouraged, but not required.

  6. Food may served outside of our sanctuary space and/or outdoors. 

(For reference: Click here to see our Summer 2021 COVID protocols, drafted by the direction of our Safer Reopening Advisory Committee.)

Even if you are comfortable with less stringent practices in your personal life, please take on this minhag ha-makom (community custom) of khumra (doing more than what is requiredwhen you participate with T’chiyah, to help create a communal space that is as safe, supportive, and comfortable as can be for our attendees.  

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