Welcoming children

Are children welcome in the main service? Shall I encourage parents to visit the children's service?


Parents, their children included, are welcome in the main service. It is important that we act as allies to parents (what a hard job!) and include them as much as possible. The parents in our community understand that they should step outside if their child is having a louder moment, but we prefer for them to stay with us for the most part -- that means enjoying or putting up with (different perspectives!) the noise that comes with that. If you prefer not to sit near young children, you are welcome to move to a different seat. 

We will have a person who will mind children during the morning services on Sept. 21 and 22 (RH) and Sept. 30 (YK).  There will not be any children's services, but it will be a place where children can go and be "minded" during the service.  They can play, read, and so on. Parents are encouraged to bring a snack for their children.


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